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Born and raised in the south of Holland(Breda) on April first 1977(no joke!) Wayne grew up in a small town and later expanded out of the boundaries into the great wide.He's wellknown stage presence and  is a must see for everyone who loves a dedicated musician/singer. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 2 (still in diapers!!).Hookin'up to anything that he could find he had his first glimpse of what he thought was the path to walk to become a respected singer/performer/musician at the age of 9.  His brother strung-up a toy guitar with nylons strings and teached him an A E and D chord.

His father grew up in a multi-musical family, with a lot of Latin influences, playing quarto and later guitar in several ands.  Moms came from Aruba and her father was the Minister of a  church, but gave Wayne his Motownbackground and Soul, Reggae and Gospel.  With his dads acoustic laying around the curiosity for the instrument and the urge to get into the spotlight playing it, Wayne joined a workshop band on his local Musicschool at the age of 2. Introduced by highschoolfriends who tempted him to sing, even though he always wanted to play the guitar(he played bass and drums and percussion later on).  That band actually evolved into a local cover band called "X"(which was the equivalent to what he thought was the undifing statement of not able to be categorisized in a any mainstream)with a lot of success and they played music that reflected their interests and diversity, from Prince, Sly Stone, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Black Crowes to name a few, even made it to the big stages as a local band, warming up for Kane and Judith. Being introduced to a lot of musicians around the globe, Wayne made a lot of musical friends went from a local singer to a national and later an internation one.  Playing on jazz festivals and travelling with different acts and bands for almost 10 years. After smoking stages as front man in different bands and countries from Egypt to Russia and from Malaysia to France, he settled down a little and experimented with different music, like drum and bass and fusion. Hooking up with local friends and musicians and formed a band called Spyz on Sunday that was highly experimental but did get them to play twice on national radio (3FM!! again,@ Giel Beelsn Dopeshow!!) and put them twice infront of Zuco 103 as starter. The band split up and went on as Le Dimanche.

Wayne also played in Medica Mento and Pee Wee, Madhousepartyband and his own band of allstars, the Wayne's WRLDband, hat took him all around the globe smoking stages and showing his showmanship. (check Wayne Moen, Trackaddicts or Medicamento on youtube). He later on got tagged by the TV-program Idols and rejected after not wanting to settle for any contract............... He hooked-up with record company Digidance for a commercial wise spin-off of an old track that eventually still is played on national radio's and clubs al across the globe, Let me make sweet love to you  was intended to function as the finger for all those posers and critics that are milking these creative souls and easy and flexible young talents into one-day-flies. And show how easy it can be to get airtime or a single out, in anyway or package.

Wayne got approved by national radio-icon Rob Stenders as the undisputed winner of the pre-rounds, but eventually got kicked out and made it to the final 50.In the mean time playing and getting airtime and coverage without help of any record company, Wayne dropped by the 3fm studio's three times in a row without any help or management, with first his still unreleased single and spin-off of the experience in Idols,2 Funky 4 ya. After a 15 of years playing the local circuit and playing on weddings and parties, Wayne got invited by Marc Sokpoli, who was just passing by his local pub were Wayne was bust in grooves and tearing up the place on a Monday night jam session. Marc co-founder and brains of the untouchable Trackaddicts invited him to a rehearsal and asked him to join the band even without consulting with the frontman and ex-Gotcha P-funk allstar, RockattackTen, who trusted Marc's visionary thoughts and suggestions and welcomed him in tha band as a member. Things really started to make sense as the music Trackaddicts made was a pure and uncut as it could possible be, Wayne was already a fan of their earlier work and was now a friend. Influences of oldskool funk, Prince, Earth Wind and Fire, the Meters, Shuggie Otis, Headhunters, Wilson Picket, Sly Stone, George Clintons Parlement/Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, Al Green, George Duke, Don Blackman and so on,Wayne finally found what the funk he was looking for. Playing and singing and still shine as he always wanted.His part in the band led him to tightly click with the ex Gotcha front man which lead him to co-write the openings track on Trackaddicts second album "Rockstarfunk" intitled "The Big Fish"which got Jimi Hazel of 24-7-spyz on it. In a way(ne) everything was falling into place as he could pick the flowers of his favourite protoges and icons and by playing with these different bands and groups preparing himself for what is meant to be his own statement in music, his own album.

After 15 years of backpacking his bag is full of funk and after a long journey of moving, sleeping on couches, studio's and dressing rooms, its time to be amazed. Working with all the people he has met in his 15 years, Wayne is looking ahead and trying to take it to another level another way(ne) of expressing and making music. In the end all for one cause, you! Want to get to know me, listen to the music. Want to get to know me,listen to the music online here or visit his youtube and mix/souncloud pages.